NOW LOADING (tic toc)

40% of visitors will leave your page if images won’t load or are taking too long to load.


Thorough Contact Information

51% of people think “Thorough Site Contact Info” is the most important element missing from many company websites.

ie. Would you hand someone a business card without your phone number on it?


Not Too Pretty

38% of visitors are known to disengage if your website isn’t attractive or if the layout is confusing.


Can We Trust You?

44% of visitors will leave a website if there is no phone number or contact info.

Keep in mind that no contact info smells of spammy activity. Who are you hiding from?


Test For Multiple Screen Sizes!

Is your site responsive? Very Important – In 2015 tablet internet browsing grew by 30% – IN ONE YEAR! By the end of 2015 mobile and tablet browsing had surpassed desktop and still growing.


web-design-keith-agnew-blog-1-sideMobile Optimization

Between 2013 and 2015, Mobile internet use grew by over 78% .. Mind-blown!


Desktop Still Very Relevant

Between 2014 and 2016 – even with all the growth in mobile, desktop internet use only dropped 1%. Still significant and still very important to optimize for laptop & desktop. Know your demographic, know your analytics, test, test, test.



Mobile internet use accounts for two thirds (2/3) of all traffic. Still don’t think you site needs to be mobile optimized?


Buying Power

40% of all mobile and tablet browsing is searching for products/reviews – essentially these are people in buying mode.


Your Products & Services

47% of all website visitors check out a company’s products & services before looking at anything else.


Homepage packed with INFO!

Don’t be too cute & creative on your homepage – branding is key, but 86% of website visitors want the goods – they want to see product & services info ON THE HOMEPAGE!

“I’m busy, tell me whatchu got, or I’m bailing”


Where Are You?

After the homepage, once I’m interested – 64% of visitors want your Contact Info. Make it easy to find no matter where they are in your site!

“I still can’t believe how difficult it is to find some people – yet they’ll complain business is tough” .. Again, who are you hiding from?


Am I A Good Fit?

Once on a home page or landing page, 52% of visitors will travel to the “About” pages. After the homepage, this is the second most visited webpage, always! Spend as much time designing this page as you would your homepage or any other.

Who are you, who is your team, where are you, what do you do, how will you solve my pain?

About page – “I want to know – Am I a good fit for your services or products?”


I Just Can’t Find What I’m Looking For, (bounce)

After arriving via referral (landing page or blog post, etc) – 50% of visitors will use the navigation menu to find their way. Navigation is huge! Make multiple menus available anywhere and everywhere. Your design shouldn’t suffer – today there are easy and affordable tools to offer unique and multiple ways to navigate your site.

Are your website visitors engaging or bouncing?


In conclusion

Working with a designer? Ask them these tough questions – what if? – what when? Or if you’re a DIY’er – perfect – now look in the mirror and ask yourself.


Good Luck!

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